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WLB Statement on SPDC’s continued oppression and buying time for dialogue by ignoring the will of the people of Burma and international community

Today marks one month of the SPDC’s brutal crackdown on the peaceful protests led by the Buddhist monks in Burma. In this occasion, WLB wants to  pay tribute  to all monks and civilians, students of 88 Generation, members of the National League for Democracy and all women activists who bravely led the peaceful demonstrations.   WLB will always honour them for their heroic deeds. 

WLB is very heartened for the international responses condemning SPDC and  imposing tougher sanctions against SPDC for their violent crackdown on the Buddhhist monks , who were marching on the streets and praying for peace. Yet, we all are still witnessing the usual charades and stubbornness of SPDC ignoring the wishes of the people. They have  persisted that they will follow only  their own 7- step roadmap, and followed by  the  formation of the constitution drafting committee without consulting with persons who are naming in the committee .

Much worse, SPDC has continued the hunt-down those participated in the peaceful demonstrations. They  violently  beat and torture women activists detained while abusing verbally. They do not  even spare such treatment to the elderly women’s activists. WLB sees these acts as contradict to their words of “dialogue” and  to the will of the people of Burma and international community. In these circumstances, we are very concerned about women’s activists, the nuns and pregnant women who have been detained by the regime. We call SPDC to allow ICRC to meet them at once and arrange for their immediate release. 

At the same time, we demand SPDC to immediately stop  hunting down women activists who led the peaceful demonstration naming them  criminals. We also call for the UN Secretary General, Ban-ke-mon and UN special envoys to take seriously about the urgent appeal sent by the hiding and running women activists on 23 October 2007,  and to use their good offices  of making  SPDC  stop arresting those participated in the demonstrations, and giving international protection of their safety. 

Now it has been one month since crackdown, but SPDC has shown no sign of meaningful actions for  political soluciton, while launching smearing campaigns against the heroic Buddhist monks and  demonstrators. The whole world knows that these acts are  undermining the people’s will. 

WLB strongly feels that it is time for SPDC to realise their own actions and  stop  playing game, such as letting UN envoys into the country and letting Daw Aung Suu Kyi out of her house to have “one hour meeting with SPDC official. It is time to  the political solution. The first step must be the immediate release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 

On this day marking one month of brutal crackdown, WLB strongly urges SPDC to start the process for the people of Burma to relieve their  decade long suffering towards  peace and democracy. 

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