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Statement on International Women Day

Today we observe the historical day of our global movement to end the discrimination against the women arisen out of deeply rooted culture and custom. 
We 'Women League of Burma' (WLB) is striving for the justice and lasting peace in the whole world in hand in hand with the sisters around the world, and at the same time, we are doing our utmost effort to free from military dictatorship, restoration of democracy and establishing genuine federal union in our country. 
The civil war broke out in Burma in the same year of regaining independence from British colonial rule in 1948 and as a consequence, the whole country has been enslaved under the military rule for about 60 years, and we women are facing multiple hardships and miseries. 
The military regime is still refusing to resolve the political problems by political means and brazenly trying to go ahead with their unilateral roadmap for the perpetuation and consolidation of their military dictatorship. Now they are planning to hold their 'constitutional referendum' openly in accordance with their roadmap through coercion and intimidation. This move explicitly shows again that they oppose the 'dialogue' demanded and expressed wholeheartedly by the entire people including ethnic forces and pro-democracy forces. We regard this move as challenge to the entire people including we women. 
Thus we, WLB remind and urge the whole people including women in Burma it's time to express our will and desire resolutely. 
The newly drafted constitution which is to be approved by the forthcoming referendum is exclusively drafted by them only, not reflected the opinions and attitudes of the 1990 election winning parties, ethnic leaders and people's desire, and merely made to legalize their military rule. Women will continue to suffer from the injustices, discrimination and violence including sexual violence if this constitution is approved. 
Hence the WLB specially urge and remind the whole people to cast 'NO' vote unanimously in the 'national referendum' which is to approve the constitution, on this international women day. 
At the same time, we reaffirm our position for the freedom of women in Burma.
Contact persons:
Nang Yain                   +1-646 673 4895
Dwelling                     +66-89 4348 976
Nam Hseng Noung     +66-81 8844 963
Mi Sue Pwint              + 66 81 8845 562