Examples of college essays.

Nowadays, a lot of leading universities in Europe have borrowed the experience of American colleagues and now they require not only to submit a certain set of documents for admission, but also to write an essay. It is evaluated along with the results of entrance examinations and helps the commission to understand how the applicant is interested in admission, what motivates them in choosing an educational institution and a specific profile of training.

The mandatory points of a structured essay usually include the following:
-rationale for choosing a particular argumentative essay topic for college;
-information about the vector and sphere of scientific interests of the entrant;
-information on plans to implement the acquired knowledge in future professional activities;
-information on key achievements and merits of the entrant.

An essay of this type is usually simpler, because it already implies the presence of a certain structure - the applicant has a ready plan, according to which he needs to write a letter.

How to start an essay It is best to start an essay of any type with a brief presentation: to present data on your previous education and field of interest, to make a brief summary of your achievements (publications, participation in conferences, methodical work).
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Then, the both types of essays (this point is registered in the structured essay and it is implied as an obligatory point in the free essay) requires reflecting the main idea– why you want to enter a concrete educational institution on a concrete program.

"Knot" is the main part of the essay.
The main idea of good college essays should be a certain "knot" that will connect the personality of the applicant and the chosen direction of study. The key feature of this “knot” is that it should not be trivial, i.e. it should not only deal with your "hobby" or the financial side of the future specialty that you will get after graduation.

How to justify the choice of university Another important element of the essay for admission should be the rationale for choosing a particular university. The admission committee needs to understand what the applicant values in their university in addition to all of the same platitudes: "the prestige", "the long history", "and qualified faculty".

If you want to make this section of your essay constructive, you should read the description of your chosen university, its curriculum.

After that, you will be able to operate with specific data: "having studied various options, I chose this particular university, because its master's program provides the presence of such important disciplines for me as "..."; and fundamental theoretical training is organically combined with a wide base of practice, where you can acquire the necessary experience, apply the knowledge and skills". You can touch on a hot topic regarding student education in universities, for example, write should college athletes be paid essay. This will show your awareness of student life and education in general.

These are the crucial points in the commission's analysis of your essay and it should therefore be given maximum attention.

How to write an essay: 5 tips An essay should be individual for each individual situation
It is impossible to write one essay for several educational institutions. The emphasis should change depending which university you are applying to and which program you are applying to.
Find out the requirements for an essay of a particular university.
There is no standard form of an essay. Common structure: introduction, main part, conclusion. The requirements of a particular university to an essay should be specified in the selection committee where you can find college essays examples

You shouldn’t be trivial. Don't use boilerplate phrases. You can use the samples of an essay only to understand the logic of the text. The university essay should reflect your educational and professional experience, your beliefs and achievements.

Do not forget about the logic of presenting information.

How long should a college essay be? Despite the fact that you need to fit a lot of information in a relatively small text, do not forget that it should not be a list of facts about you. It has to be a consistent statement.

Except for the essay, you present just the facts and figures: average score, score of a language test, date of training, nationality, etc. Since most American universities accept students without taking examinations, an essay is an opportunity to learn about your goals, why you chose this university.

The purpose of any argumentative essay is to convince the members of the admissions committee of the USA university that you are the candidate who should be preferred.

The very preparation of the motivation letter is quite a simple task. Everyone can write it, and this process will not be difficult. However, not every motivation letter is read at least to the half of it. The letter should not only motivate the members of the commission to read it, but also meet specific requirements.

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