Wednesday January 23rd 2019



Women’s League of Burma: Activity Report No. 1 (1998-2001)

By: Women’s League of Burma
Publication date: 2002

English | Burmese

Lack of democracy and peace and a deep-rooted mistrust among the ethnic nationalities in Burma are the result of 40 years of military rule and 50 years of civil war. Oppression and injustice suffered under military rule are the root causes of violence and intersecting forms of discrimination faced by the women of Burma and their families. Militarization over generations in Burma has diminished the role of women in political life.

Working against war and violence, we are seeking to build trust and mutual understanding among ourselves and the community. Our goal is to build peace amongst women, our families, communities and the political movement, with the aim of achieving genuine national reconciliation in Burma.

We believe that the most ethical and effective way to achieve our goal of peace in Burma is through the empowerment of women in our societies, the participation of women in politics and ensuring a gender-sensitive political agenda in Burma’s political processes. Many women from many women’s organizations from Burma have worked, and continue to work hard, to re-create spaces for women’s empowerment and political involvement. To that end we are embarking on intensive programs to advance the role of women through capacity building and networking.

This first activity report details our initial achievements and activities that were carried out from 1998 to 2001 in accordance with the aims and objectives of the League.