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WLB Delegation meets Burma’s Peace Making Work Committee in Bangkok

WLB meets Peace Making Work Committee

On 28 June 2012, Women’s League of Burma delegation met with Burma’s Peace Making Work Committee led by the railway minister Aung Min. WLB was represented by General Secretary Tin Tin Nyo, presidium board members Nga Ngai and Thin Thin Aung and advisory board member Shirley Sang. They discussed measures that need to be undertaken in order to catalyse the peace process in Burma. Three main points were discussed.

First issue considered was the willingness of Women’s League of Burma and its member organizations to facilitate the process of the repatriation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and WLB’s proposition to examine what are IDPs needs and what conditions have to be met in order for them to repatriate.

The second focus of the discussion was women’s representation in peace process in Burma. “We welcome the inclusion of two women members in the Peace Committee but we have to emphasize that there is a need for greater women participation” said WLB’s General Secretary Tin Tin Nyo – “We reiterated the call for greater women’s representation during the peace talks also on the side of armed groups” she added.

Lastly, WLB proposed regular meetings and communication between women groups and women members of the parliament, which would lead to organising a women conference in Burma that would facilitate the peace process.

WLB and Peace Making Work Committee in discussion

Peace Committee members listened to all the issues raised by WLB and pronounced that they would like to see Women’s League of Burma as a facilitator of the peace process. The Committee suggested WLB to come up with a list of plans and recommendations concerning the peace process. Moreover, it invited WLB members to come and assess the situation in Burma.

Railway minister, Aung Min said he recognizes the importance of gender issues. He also stated that president Thein Sein is going to include gender equality in his reform strategy. Moreover, he said that although the current constitution does not prioritize gender equality, it can be amended. He reiterated the importance of staff reforms that need to take place in Burma. He accepted WLB’s declaration of new era in Burma, in which everyone has to contribute to reform.