Wednesday February 20th 2019



WLB + WON Myanmar Women’s Forum Declaration


Women's Forum 3



Please access the full Declaration here.

The government is responsible for ensuring improvements to promote the lives of women in Myanmar (Burma) in accordance with international standards while Myanmar transitions to democracy.

The first Myanmar Women’s Forum, jointly organized by the Women Organizations Network of Myanmar and the Women’s League of Burma, was held in Bahan Township in Rangoon at the Excel Treasure Hotel from September 20-22, 2013. The Forum was attended by more than 400 representatives and individuals from women’s organizations inside and outside the country as well as border- based ethnic women’s organizations, political parties, parliamentarians and civil society organizations.

During the three day Forum, the topics of legal protections for women, women and decision-making, women and peace, the constitution, federalism, and women and gender equality were presented and discussed.