Wednesday January 23rd 2019



WLB Trip to Kayan State, Meeting with KyWO

WLB representatives traveled to Kayan State in late April to discuss the current political situation with the Kayan Women’s Organization (KyWO). At the KyWO Congress, WLB assisted by facilitating the strategic planning and designing of programs, as well as helping with the organizational structure and constitution. WLB and KyWO presented briefings about the progress of women’s participation in the peace process and current political analysis at the Congress, which was attended by leaders of political parties, youth, community leaders, and well-respected social organizers. WLB General Secretary Tin Tin Nyo spoke about the need for women’s representation in political activities, and suggested that both the Burmese government and armed groups should consider this now that they have engaged in peace negotiations.

Kayan Women Conference

WLB members also attended a conference with the Karenni Nationalities People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF) to talk about women’s participation in politics. Twelve different organizations attended the discussion, which focused on analyzing the peace process and current political reforms in Burma, and the role of women in these developments. Attendants mainly discussed their concerns about low wages for daily workers, increased price of electricity, and the high rates of drug addiction among youths which can lead to violence and death. Another topic was increased violence against women (VAW) cases with little protection or knowledge of where women can report to receive legal aid. WLB General Secretary Tin Tin Nyo shared WLB’s concerns about the challenges women face for representation in politics, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and progress made in the peace process so far.

Women’s Participation in Peace Process