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WLB at the Beijing Plus Ten / Commission of Status of Women 49th Session (2005)

Date: 28 February – 11 March 2005

15 WLB representatives participated in the Beijing Plus Ten Conference/ the 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Ten representatives were from the B+ 10 Process & Beyond team, who attended the whole session. Most of them had joined a series of workshops and consultation meetings since August 2003 so that they would be able to participate actively in the session. The team was accompanied and assisted by WLB volunteer Jennifer Quigley, a Master’s candidate at the School for International Training.

Activities during the period

WLB workshops

2 March 2005
In collaboration with the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW), and the Centre for Refugee Research ( CRR) University of New South Wales, WLB organized a workshop “An End to Impunity, Systematic Rape and Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict”. Topics included: Women in Armed Conflict, Systematic rape & the culture of impunity; Refugees from Burma in neighbouring countries.

3 March 2005
WLB representatives spoke at the panel, “Women in Burma: Any Progress since Beijing?”, organized and sponsored by the Burma Fund. Speakers: Paw Hset Hser (KWO), Tin Tin Nyo (BWU), Aye Aye Win (WRWAB) and Shirley Seng (KWAT). Topics included: Women behind bars in Burma: Any Progress for Women in Burma since Beijing?; Situation of Burmese refugees along the western border of Burma, Trafficking in women from Kachin State of Burma.


Workshops / panel sessions by network partners

2 March 2005
Presentation on “Migrant Women from Burma in Thailand” at the panel “Feminization of Migration Asia: Focus on Women’s Human Rights”, organized by Korea Women’s NGOs Network (KWAU).

3 March 2005
Intervention at the panel, “Defending Women’s Human Rights Defenders” organized by the WHRD – International Coordinating Committee

4 March 2005
Presentation on “Situation of Migrant women from Burma” at the seminar: “Wave of Violence; Tides of Silence” organized by UNFPA and the Asia Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW)

7 March 2005
Intervention at Amnesty International’s panel: “Stop Violence Against Women Campaign”, on the issue of state-sponsored sexual violence against women in Burma and the excessive military expenditure of the Burmese military regime

10 March 2005
Presentations on “How Patriarchal Society Affects Young Women in Burma” at the workshop, “Young Women Impacting Cultural Change”, organized by the NGO Committee on Youth. Intervention on Young women’s involvement in data collection of sexual violence committed by State actors.

On 9 March 2005, WLB representative read out the Asia-Pacific NGO Forum statement on behalf of the Asia Pacific Caucus at the Plenary.