Wednesday February 20th 2019



Statement on the Fifth Congress of the Women’s League of Burma (WLB)

In Burmese

The Fifth Congress of the Women’s League of Burma was held in a liberated area near the Thai-Burma border from 15–17 January, 2009.

It was attended by fifty-five representatives from member organizations, the Secretariat and working teams of the Fourth Congress Term (2007-2008). Representatives to the Congress reviewed the programs, agreed upon WLB’s policies and future work plans, amended the constitution, and shared ideas and suggestions on how to improve the implementation of the WLB’s programs.

The Congress also analyzed the current political situation. Not only is the SPDC continuing to detain Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Khun Htun Oo and other political prisoners, it is deliberately persecuting political detainees, and is carrying out further arrests. The SPDC is not allowing pro-democracy political parties and activists to carry out any independent organizing activities. The WLB condemns SPDC’s plans to hold its “election” in 2010. The election is based on the SPDC’s illegitimate constitution, and will simply endorse military rule indefinitely. The election is being held in defiance of the people’s wishes and will be a totally unfair process.

The Congress laid down the future work plans for 2009-2010 for the WLB’s programs: Peace and Reconciliation, Women Against Violence and Political Empowerment. During this 2009-2010 term, WLB will also prioritize activities to oppose the SPDC’s 2010 Election. The Congress has formed a WLB advisory team comprised of veteran women activists and the WLB founding members.

In addition, the Congress agreed with the principle of having a strong, broad, united alliance among the democratic forces. However, WLB will not support any government or alliance which is not formed according to democratic processes.

The Women’s League of Burma (WLB) is an organisation working for the advancement of the status of women towards a peaceful and just society. It was established on 9 December 1999 by twelve women’s organizations based along Burma’s borders with Bangladesh, India, and Thailand.

The WLB member organizations named their Presidium Board members and elected three secretariat members for the 2008-2009 Term.

The Secretariat Members elected are:
Lway Aye Nang General Secretary
Tin Tin Nwe Joint-General Secretary (1)
Saw San Nyein Thu Joint-General Secretary (2)