Wednesday January 23rd 2019



Signature Campaign for WCAR

Signature Campaign for WCAR

WLB organized a Signature Campaign for WCAR from July until the end of August 2001. It aimed at using the campaign as a lobby tool in the WCAR for the support of regional and international communities towards genuine political reform in Burma. The signatures were collected from internally displaced persons, refugees, migrants and exiles staying in the refugee camps along the Thai Burma border, in Thailand, India, and Bangladesh.

Through the campaign, WLB was able to build a greater sense of solidarity amongst the communities and also was able to relate the WLB’s activities to the communities. The WLB representative took a petition signed by 51,487 people to the WCAR (Government Forum), and spoke at the Plenary session urging the WCAR to address the consequences of racial discrimination and related human rights violations committed by the ruling junta. On September 7, the WLB representatives submitted all the 51,487 signatures to the UNHR Commissioner, Mary Robinson’s office in Durban, South Africa.