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Peoples’ Tribunal on the Crimes against Women of Burma (Japan)

Date: 27 June 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 1 pm to 5 pm.

Venue: Aoyama Gakuin University, Building No. (6), Shubuya 4‐4‐25, Tokyo, Japan (opposite of UN office)


In the reign of the Burmese military regime, the women of Burma have been suffering from various form of violation brutally committed by the regime until today. The women of Burma in particular are enduring the sexual violence from inhuman treatment by the military regime because there is no protection by law or by the State to the women rights entitled from birth in Burma.

Moreover the women in Burma are experiencing various forms of forced labor and porter like their male counterparts and like in some cases; the women are experiencing sexual violence while serving as forced porter in the frontlines.

Meanwhile, the military regime imprisoned Burmese pro‐democracy leader and Nobel peace laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi by their unfair and non‐independent trials many times and she is under house arrest until today. Moreover the regime is forcibly recruiting child soldiers in their army and is exceedingly violating the political and civil rights of the people of Burma.

Despite the repeated condemnations and pressures given by UN and International Community against the brutal Burmese military regime, in the official name of ‘State Peace and Development Council’ (SPDC), continues to commit brutal human rights violations. They oppressed and restricted the opposition parties and political activists by inhumane conducts and treating them as if these people were their enemy.

After suffering the loss of human rights and women rights under the rule of military dictatorship for many decades, the women in Burma are determined to bravely face the military dictatorship and have started their systematic struggle against the regime rather than passive resistance by tightening their belts.

Women League of Burma and Nobel Women’s Initiatives led in conducting the court proceedings of ‘Peoples’ Tribunal’ in New York State on March 2nd, 2010. This ‘Peoples’ Tribunal’ passed its guilty verdict of committing grave crimes against humanity against their own people. As a second step taken by Burmese women in elimination and prevention of violence committed by the military regime, the judge panel consists of Japanese judges and lawyers will conduct the court proceeding by hearing the testimonies of the victims who had suffered from the violence.

This is the first ever Peoples’ Tribunal on crime against women of Burma in Japan which will hear the cases with sympathy to the Burmese people and in the respect of the rule of law.

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