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Mocking the Parliament 2

By: Women’s League of Burma
Release date: 13 September 2012

Profit-raking oil and gas projects in areas suffering from power cuts, lack of information-sharing and consultation among Peace Making Work Committee members on the progress of peace negotiations, continued military offensives in ethnic areas… these are all fair game in Women League of Burma’s latest film, Mocking the Parliament Part II . While the satirical film gently pokes fun at the new Burma government’s attempts to reform the country, and as comedies go, it also reflects the true state of affairs, providing audience with food for thought on Burma’s future.

The 47-minute film depicts proceedings in  the new Burmese parliament, one where human rights group Altsean-Burma describes where “fundamental reforms [are] still blocked”. One can use the film as a checklist of the problems that local Burmese continue to face as international headlines trumpet new investment deals and visits by prominent heads of state.

The second-largest country in Southeast Asia, Burma is endowed with resources such as natural gas and minerals, and has cut a number of billion-dollar oil and gas deals with China. On this, the film features a scene where members of parliament question how the problem of persistent power cuts would be solved, only to have another quip, “No problem! We’ll just buy the power back with the money we made!”

Witty and light-hearted, the film is a reminder of the humour that people of Burma, accustomed to absurdities in the country, use to cope with their problems, as did comedian- former political prisoner Zagarnar .

Supported by the community, the production features renowned actors and actresses from Burma who have been starring in international feature films such as ‘The Lady’ and ‘Rambo’.

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