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Ending Impunity

Date: 19 June 2009
Language: English, Burmese

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Testimony by woman who was gang-raped by Burmese army soldiers when she was pregnant

Women of Burma Call for UNSC action on Regime’s use of Rape as a Weapon of War and Crimes Against Humanity in Burma

The Women’s League of Burma is today launching a ten-minute video “Ending Impunity” and calling for UNSC action on the ongoing use of rape as a weapon of war and crimes against humanity in Burma. In the video, four women speak out about systematic human rights violations including rape by state armed forces and authorities.

“We are just civilians but they treat us as their enemy” said Naw Thaung Nyunt, a Karen woman in her 50s who was shot by a Burma Army soldier while she was working in her farm in 2007.

A 22-year old woman was gang raped while pregnant. Shortly after a Burma Army soldier killed her father in January 2008, the whole family escaped from their village in Northern Shan State. and then fled to an IDP camp along the Thai-Burma border. She said “Soldiers came and demanded that my father should let me go with them again. I did not know what was on the soldier’s mind, I thought he was only threatening by pointing the gun at my father’s head, but the soldier shot at him. I saw my father fall and die”.

“These incidents contradict the claims of the military junta in the country report to CEDAW that women in Burma enjoy their rights even before they are born,” said Lway Aye Nang, the General Secretary of the WLB.

Testimony by woman who was gang-raped by Burmese army soldiers

“Recent reports of girls, women and a pregnant woman being raped have reached us as we were working on this video,” said Hseng Noung who helped with the production.

WLB believes that an action to bring the top leader Than Shwe before the International Criminal Court would be the beginning of ending the system of impunity in Burma. It is time for the UNSC to invoke its Responsibility to Protect mechanism, to impose an arms embargo on the regime and establish a commission of inquiry to investigate crimes against humanity in Burma.

“It is ironic that our leader Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi is standing trial in Burma, when in fact Senior General Than Shwe should be standing trial as the commander of Burma’s armed forces, which have been guilty of countless crimes” said Thin Thin Aung, a Presidium Board Member of the WLB.

WLB hereby reaffirms that we will continue our campaign along with our supporters around the world, using UNSC Resolution 1820 to punish the regime and bring justice for the women of Burma.

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