Sunday January 20th 2019


WLB comprises three governing bodies: The Congress, the Presidium Board, and the Secretariat.

The Congress is the highest decision-making body composed of 50-60 women from WLB and its member organizations and includes the Presidium Board, General Secretaries, Program Coordinators and Program Assistants, and representatives from member organisations.

The Presidium Board is the second-highest body composed of 13 individuals from each of the member organizations. The Presidium Board meets every eight months to develop strategies, formulate policies and make decisions that will impact WLB which are then implemented by the Secretariat.

Finally, the Secretariat is composed of three individuals elected by the congress for a two-year term. The Secretariat consists of the General Secretary, the Joint General Secretary I and the Joint General Secretary II.

There are 13 member organizations that are currently part of WLB. For a complete list, please visit Members.